Spring 2014 Speaker Schedule

Date Speaker Topic
2/10/2014 Tejas Kulkarni Probabilistic Inverse Graphics
2/24/2014 Youssef Mroueh Learning with Side-Information
3/3/2014 Ludwig Schmidt Compressive Sensing with Tree-Structured Sparsity
3/10/2014 Terran Lane  Machine Learning at Google
3/17/2014 Julian Straub A Mixture of Manhattan Frames
3/31/2014 Jonathan Huggins Resampling in sequential Monte Carlo
4/7/2014 Tatsu Hashimoto Metric Recovery from unweighted Graphs
4/14/2014 Andreea Gane Learning with MAP Perturbation Models
4/28/2014 Ammar Ammar Learning the Mixed Multinomial Logit Model
5/5/2014 Hamza Fawzi Self-scaled bounds for Atomic Cone Ranks